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Crazy Browser full setup

  • Tab-based browsing.
  • Ad-blocking.
  • Mouse gestures.
  • Extensions, support for COM objects, scripts and executable files.
Internet Explorer-based web browser that offers support for tabbed browsing, pop-up blocker, mouse gestures, history eraser, and more For those of you who haven’t used it yet, Crazy Browser 1.0 Full Version portable is a web browser that can successfully replace some of the biggest applications on the market today like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc.

Crazy Browser serial keys

Crazy Browser 1.0 Free Crack is a web browser that allows you to work dynamically by means of tabs. Download Crazy Browser 1.0 Registration key for free and enjoy its complements and features

Rich suite of configuration settings

The application comes with a pretty rich settings menu that enables you to customize basically everything, including tabs behavior, confirmations, download and execution, history eraser, mouse navigation and content filter. Other than that, there's nothing too fancy about Crazy Browser 1.0 premium, although some may be tempted to believe that it could easily replace one of the traditional, more famous browsers and become a top choice.

Bottom line

Crazy Browser Full Version Activation Code has the essential functions to meet the basic requirements of all users, it is surely easy to use but it lacks something extra, a feature to make it stand out more and become an important player in the Internet browser category.

The newest versions of Crazy Browser 1.0 pre-Activated bring a lot of handy improvements aimed to make your experience as convenient as possible. You will now be able to organize groups so that you can effectively mange your information or to protect your work style by locking any tab that you desire. Another great thing is the fact that the safe recovery feature has been added, thus ensuring that you will be able to resume your activity exactly from all your left off. This means that you will now have a safety net in case a crash happened or if you had to shut down your computer in a hurry.


  • Requires Internet Explorer in order to run
  • Allows you to add your own plugins
  • The smart add-blocker will keep your web surfing experience as clean as it can possibly get
  • Lets you use mouse gestures
Crazy Browser Full Version Free Crack

Finding the Internet browser that best suits your needs is not always a matter of choosing between the big names in the business as there are many feature-packed although less known utilities that can make the list. One of the applications that strive to offer a good browsing experience to anyone is Crazy Browser 1.0 Full Version license Key, a tool that comes with many useful capabilities like tabbed browsing, pop-up blockers and mouse gestures.


Since it is based on Internet Explorer, Crazy Browser 1.0 full version with keygen download still inherits some of the features bundled into Microsoft's very own browser. Using this program you will notice that it functions pretty smoothly, with pages loading fairly fast while keeping pop-up ads and other unwanted content away. Crazy Browser Full Version key comes by default with a handy plugin for disabling Flash in the current tab or in all the tabs. This will surely decrease the webpage loading time and thus speed up your browsing.

System Requirements for Crazy Browser:

  • Computer/Processor : 486DX/66 or higher
  • Disk Space: 2 MB available for installation
  • Memory: 16 MB RAM
  • Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 or later must be installed on your computer, though it does not need to be your default browser
  • Windows All
  • Homepage:
  • Author
  • Last version 1.0

Is Crazy Browser compatible with Windows 8.1?

Yes, although it’s not specified on the compatibility list, I have downloaded and installed the browser on Windows 8.1 and it’s working great. I tested the browser on Windows 8.1 Pro x64 bit. Download the setup package and right click it then select Run as Administrator. After the setup initializes, simply click Next until the installation is finished. Start the browser and it should work normally.

What’s new in Crazy Browser?

Some minor tweaks
IE9 support
Some new features, such as Lock Tab, Mark Tab, Organize Groups
Bugs Fixed:
When Browser is in "Tabbed Interface" mode and the option "Always Activate New Tab" is checked, the browser never activate new tabs
Some Download Manager do not start automatically
New Features:
Safe Recovery
The Groups and Reopen features restore the page state, such as: Session History, Zoom Scale, Download options, AutoRefresh interval
Favicons display incorrect
Add RSS Auto-Discovery.
Add Shift + Right-click on image: Show the Add to Content Filter dialog.
Add Ctrl + Right-click on image: Quick save image to My Pictrue directory.
Add support for Keyboard Zoom Slider.
Add Ctrl + Mouse wheel zoom Web page.
Sometimes Tabs disappear.
Improve multi-monitor support.
Full compatible with Windows Vista
Support for favicon
New designed MDI interface. A great enhance for wide screen displays or large screen displays

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  1. I’ve used Tuneup Utilities since 2008, without problems. It is constantly optimizing my computer for better performance, and I enjoy being able to customize parts of Windows easily.

  2. WIN CLEANER ONE CLICK PROFESSIONAL CLEAN is a must have tool it really get’s the job done !

  3. Bad viewing angle for main board. Larger graphic of selected piece flickers badly and cannot be seen well. Limited options.

  4. While installing make sure to check off the box which wants to add Conduit to your computer.

  5. a complete waste of time unless you plan to buy the product – because the demo doesn’t allow you to do anything at all – apart from look at the dashboard

  6. Almost all of the songs don’t work (like 9 out 10 in my experience). That’s inexcusable. For the ones that do, there’s a 128 bit rate maximum and 1 song download at a time for the free version.

  7. Huge program to install. Takes almost 700 MB. That’s ridiculous.

    I don’t know what they have done to the menu bars, but the need to undo it. They just look “plain”. Openoffice has them beat hands down on looks. And when it comes to what one likes about a program, looks play a big part.

  8. I am having some trouble with flash after installing AppRanger. Not sure if they are related.

  9. Sometimes archives with foreign language filenames may not extract or give an error message. I just rename them in English and they open/extract perfectly.

  10. Forced me to uninstall as the registry defrag part of the program gave me some problems on my computer.

  11. I f you’re a beginner to Pascal programming this is almost useless, it’s just horribly confusing. The so-called “tutorial” is so basic in it’s description of the operation of the program that it might just as well not be there.

  12. when i launched the icon after installation, gave me error msg saying file is missing.

  13. Could not start the software on WIn XP Pro fully uptodate because of failure in registry of OCX. Gives no warning that you need to purchase a license for the software to function (it is just a front end to a commercial service; found this out from help files). No information in install on various options.

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