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Main features

The interface is rather simple and any user will be able to handle the program perfectly after using it for a couple of minutes. Corel Photo Album 6 For Pc Free Download is an ideal tool to keep your photos perfectly organized and with the best possible presentation.

  • Dynamic file explorer.
  • Image viewer with zoom options.
  • Photo optimizer.
  • Tools for the creation of calendars, cards, and postcards.
  • Collection of filters and frames that can be applied easily.

Corel Photo Album Activator Free Download

When you have a wide collection of photos, you need to make sure everything is organized, so your favorite pictures are easy to find. Corel Photo Album pin is a program that can perform a large number of tasks. The software comes with a clean interface and an intuitive layout. All features are easily accessible and cleanly divided. Thus, you can organize, enhance, create or share the images on your computer. Corel Photo Album 6 reg keys can automatically download and organize the files on your digital camera. All the photos in the collection can be searched for through a few methods, such as by folder, date or keyword. Furthermore, the files can be sorted by name, date, size, type and folder. Additionally, backups can be created. The program remembers which pictures have already been stored and gives you the opportunity to back up only those that haven’t. The app also has a few enhancement tools. Thus, you can crop the pictures, remove the red eye effect, apply a black and white or sepia effect, as well as add a frame. Also, the program comes with several adjustment options to correct the color balance, exposure, brightness and contrast, saturation and sharpness. This can be done manually or with the help of a step-by-step wizard. Download Corel Photo Album 6 with keygen – A software is designed to unlock the magic of your digital camera.

Due to the proliferation of digital cameras, the hard drives of many computers have filled up with thousands of images, that in many cases don’t have any order at all. A tool like Corel Photo Album 6 full download can help us to deal with our entire photo collection. Through a simple interface, it will allow us to organize the images by albums, preview them by means of thumbnails and move them to different folders.


  • hi
  • Thumbnail rendering is a bit slow compared to ACDsee 7 or Compupic.
  • I do alot of photo restoring on the side for my family and it works very well. You can make collages and then save them to a file if you want to print them later. You can enhance pictures, zoom in, pan them around and then print however you want them to look. Works very well on high resolution photos. It did work well scanning in photos taken back from 1965 to 1980 and enhancing them. I do like Corel Paint Shop 6 better than Corel Photo Paint shop Pro which seemed to complicated.
  • Does import pictures quickly. Simple to use.
  • Easy to use with many useful features
  • cannot comment
Corel Photo Album Full Version Full Crack

Corel® Photo Album™ 7 Deluxe helps you make your photos look their best The program lets you create print layouts, album pages, greeting cards, CD labels, e-cards, calendars, picture collages, certificates or magazine covers; it includes several templates for each type of task. Furthermore, you can print the pictures, create a video CD, a web gallery or email any of the photos. The bottom line is that Corel Photo Album 6 full version crack is a complex tool that can perform a wide range of jobs in order to catalog, organize, enhance and back up your image collection. Inexperienced users should find this app easy to use, thanks to the intuitive layout.

System Requirements for Corel Photo Album:

I have Photo Album 6 on PC from 2006. I am replacing my PC, but I wonder how can I upgrade and transfer photos and files from old PC to new one and also upgrade my version of Corel Photo Album.

This application doesn’t appear to be available anymore. I’ve checked on the Corel website, but it doesn’t exist which means it has been discontinued. This is no the only application that can manage photos on your PC, because there are plenty alternatives already available, but at this moment you have two choices.

  1. Recommended – Use an alternative to edit images. For starter, you can use the following result list:
  2. Not Recommended – Use a flash drive and transfer the installation directory by placing it in the exact same location on the new PC. This might not work due to compatibility.

I thought I was deleting one picture and I accidentally deleted the entire folder I was working on. Is there any way to get it back? It is not in the Recycle Bin and the photos were deleted from the camera when I downloaded them to Corel Photo Album 6.

As you can see in the official user guide, Corel Photo Album 6 comes packaged with PhotoRecovery software that helps you recover photos that were accidentally deleted. You can find it in Start > All Programs > Corel directory. If this tool doesn’t help, you can check Software Informer database for an alternative solution. Also, you can use the Corel Photo Album search feature to check if you can find the files somewhere in your computer. Press Ctrl + F key combination, set the searching parameters and press Search:
enter image description here

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  1. Painfully Slow, No uninstall, unexplained activity, hijacks Windows, upgrade issues with older image files, poor support.

  2. None so far! Although I haven’t use it more than a few times (always successfully)

  3. When I first downloaded Eraser some time ago, reviewers gave some warnings as to it’s use but I’ve had no problems.

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