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All things considered, ClipX full setup is a freebie that deserves a chance, working just fine on all Windows versions and remaining very light with hardware resources all the time. It doesn't slow down the system, but instead it provides users some very handy clipboard managing utilities. If you are one of those people that compiles information all over the place, you will probably have worn out the save to clipboard keys, and the poor Windows function unhinged due to overwork. Why not consider changing it for ClipX 1.0 Registration Code? This software allows to copy 1024 elements in the clipboard and administrate them.

ClipX Full Version Registration Code

Download ClipX Full Version serial code – Store multiple entries in the clipboard, paste the ones of interest, manage history items, and more for an enhanced overall desktop experience Store multiple entries in the clipboard, paste the ones of interest, manage history items, and more for an enhanced overall desktop experience One of the most important features in Windows is the clipboard. It can only hold one item by default, but this can easily be bypassed with the help of third-party enhancements. ClipX Activation Key is a lightweight, yet advanced clipboard history manager that shows you the content you copied to clipboard and provides several tools to manage it.

Under Configuration, you can specify how many clips the program retains and whether it should ignore text or bitmap files. Default hot keys let you pull up the list of clips, search ClipX full setup‘s simple manager for a specific clip, or launch an online search for an item, but it doesn’t offer hot keys for individual clips or support drag and drop for easily inserting clips. The program doesn’t retain text formatting but it does work with image files. You also can save a set of clips and reload them as needed. ClipX 1.0 pre-Activated is fairly easy to use and it’s offered free of charge, but it doesn’t offer the clip-management features found in similar applications. ClipX Full Version Full Crack is a tiny clipboard history manager, it can be recalled via a hotkey and supports both bitmap and text clipboards. ClipX with serial keys is very unobstrusive and will change the way you think about clipboard operations. ClipX 1.0 full download is a tiny clipboard history manager. It is sweet, it is free, use it.


  • Crisp, unobtrusive performance. Easy access to clipboard when you need it — otherwise, invisible.
  • It s an applicattion very old. We need a useful update of this. Very good idea, but have failures very basics. It not remembered the hot keys that you want when reboot windows (sometimes), and the plugin not working when you rebbot the computer sometimes. I need this plugin to uses a list of texts to paste sometimes. Very light software, but in basic things is off. I have to look for other thing
  • Unobtrusive and simple. This was just what I needed.
  • After installing Clipx, Solidworks became instable. I’ve tried it on a 32 bit and a 64 bit workstation. On both systems Solidworks crashes after installing Clipx. After removing Clipx, Solidworks became stable again.
  • There’s a section for plugins but no indication of what they are, what they do, or where to get them.

Quietly sits in the tray area

While it places an icon in the Windows System Tray, ClipX 1.0 with keygen needs just a single click to show the last clipboards, depending on the user defined settings. It's enough to click any of the entries to automatically copy it to clipboard, but the application offers much more than that. First of all, you need to step into the configuration screen to define the number of clipboards you wish ClipX license code to remember. Once you're done there, you can also use the “Search” utility available via the same System Tray icon, which basically lets you search the saved clipboards for a previous entry.

System Requirements for ClipX:

  • Homepage:
  • Author Francis Gastellu
  • Last version

What’s new in ClipX?

Fixed crash when used in Firefox 1.5 (if you use the Stickies plugin, you need to update to Stickies 1.7 to fix crashes in Firefox when pasting a sticky)
Moved clipx.ini to ClipX's directory
Added ini optimization

ClipX Full Version Serial Key

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  2. Highly Configurable means lots of Set Up, Long install time, to install all the extensions you need to use

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