Citrio 87.0.4280.141 For Windows 10 Download

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A reliable proxy widget

Citrio keygen allows you to enable proxy servers, for Internet connection, straight from its interface. The browser remembers your settings, which means you only have to set up the proxy server once. You may also test the newly added proxy server’s speed and make sure the data is being transferred fast enough. Citrio 87.0.4280.141 cracked can run both as a desktop software and as a Windows 8 app, alternatively, in order to suit your preferences. It works just as fast in either mode and it allows you to access and set all the available options.

Citrio Registration Code

Citrio full setup is an independent and complete web browser that responds correctly both to Internet browsing and complements. It’s inspired on Google Chrome’s tab system in terms of design but it also includes other kinds of tools, such as an integrated torrent client. A safe, complete, fast and independent browser.

Main features

As well as all these features, Citrio 87.0 full version integrates a torrent download client straight in the browser window and a video download program that offers you the best quality as possible. Everything you need for a great browsing experience.

Overall, Citrio 87.0 Full Version key is a friendly, useful and beautiful browser. It's not as big as the major players like Chrome or Firefox, but with its built-in features and great potential for further development aided by available extensions, this little browser has a bright future ahead of it. Citrio 87.0 Activation Code is a reliable and easy to use Internet browser that enables you to navigate the Web, bookmark pages, download items and view your websites history, in a fresh, neat looking interface. The browser features customizable interface and settings, so you can navigate the Web while enjoying your own preferences.


  • Built-in torrent client
  • Ligh and fast
  • None
  • Privacy protection
  • Built-in download manager
Citrio Full Version serial code

If you’re interested in trying out a new browser, Citrio Serial Key offers you great downloading speed and all the options necessary to stand up to its competition Citrio 87.0 Full Version Full Crack is a browser one learns to like as time goes by. It's a rather simple freeware browsing solution with a couple of advantages that are not really special, but make the experience as pleasant as it goes. The appeal starts right at the first page you open. Citrio 87.0 Full Version pre-Activated is a very pretty browser, with bright orange colors and lovely interface design giving it a comfy friendly look some of us might be looking for in a browser you stare it for most of your day.

System Requirements for Citrio:

  • Homepage:
  • Author Citrio Team
  • Last version 87.0.4280.141

What are the advantages of Citrio?

Citrio is a web browser developed using Chrominium, the same open-source project used for Google Chrome. It basically has the same functions as any modern web browser. Apart from some of these browsers, out of the box, Citrio offers richer functionality through preinstalled selected extensions, a integrated download manager which can resume the downloads which accidentally interrupted, without restarting them, and integrated torrent management which will eliminate the need for a bittorrent client. More information is available at Citrio’s homepage.

What’s new in Citrio?

In this version we've integrated Chromium 45 and introduced several bug fixes.
Catalina Group announces the release of its updated Chromium-based web browser with the integration of a new ad blocking extension — AdSafe Browsing. This update also introduces several other new features and a number of bug fixes.
As ad blocking software currently on the rise, the latest version of Citrio with the AdSafe Browsing extension provides Citrio users with the option to automatically block annoying advertisement, banners, and pop-ups. The AdSafe Browsing mode is available straight out of the box, without the need to install additional software. The ad-free web browsing is enabled by default and it blocks annoying and potentially harmful advertisement, leaving only the important content on a web page. In case the user wishes to allow ads on a certain page, for example, to support the web site funded by the ads revenue, the AdSafe Browsing extension can be disabled for that particular site.

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  1. Goodbye, Chrome! You were too slow. Now Citrio is the only browser I’ll ever need.

  2. Among the dozens of Chromium-based browsers, this one is rather good. The added features will be useful if you download a lot of files or torrents.

  3. Nice design and a great functionality. It has a better download manager than Chrome and can download online vids.

  4. Citrio is AWESOME!!! A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! Downloads files in an instant! It’s Chrome + IDM, but much better!

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