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The first thing you may ask about this program is, what is the point of watching TV on the small computer screen when having a big plasma or a LED TV set? For starters, the program allows you to record your favorite shows or sports events if you are not at home to watch or rewatch them later. This is like having an old VCR recorder back in the days, but with digital quality. You can also record FM radio shows and capture stills from the screen in an easy manner. This version of the program is free for non-commercial use. There are also other paid-based versions that you can purchase at the developer’s website.

ChrisTV Lite patched

ChrisTV Lite 6.75 full is the stripped down version of the CrisTV Suite. This entry-level product allows you to seamlessly watch online television via analog cards that feature WDM driver support. Recording TV channels is not available in the Lite version, but upgrading to Standard or Pro makes that possible. The installation process ends with a Configuration Wizard that allows you to choose the type of Video Capturing Device that you plan on using with ChrisTV Lite 6.75 full version with keygen download. This is with reference to the TV card you own (the selection includes cards with WDM driver, Combo Card, Graphic Card with Video Input or Other Devices, such as Webcams or DVcams).

You can even create slideshows after taking snapshots, and the TV teletext feature is also available. In addition, if you are viewing a video which is very dynamic (e.g. sports) or has a lot of details (e.g. falling snow), there is a filter you can use to preserve the image quality, called DScaler Deinterlace Filter. In conclusion, if you’re looking to watch TV shows, concerts, TV series, ChrisTV Lite 6.75 Activator Free Download is the perfect choice. If you want to record all of those, an upgrade is necessary.


  • Capture stills
  • Record FM radio shows
  • Watch TV shows on a bigger screen
  • Some antivirus mark the installation file as adware
ChrisTV Lite full version free

The installation wizard asks you to take part in a market research community. If you accept, you authorize the program to collect information from your system. You can decline to do so and still have the program installed. Also, the installation wizard is detected as adware by some antivirus solutions, which may prevent you from installing the program, so you may take this into account before trying the program.

System Requirements for ChrisTV Lite:

  • DirectX 8.1 or higher
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit
  • Homepage:
  • Author Chris P.C. srl
  • Last version 6.75

What’s new in ChrisTV Lite?

Improved support for Windows 10.
Small fixes and improvements.
Improved support for Windows 8.1 and 10.
Added support for Windows 10 Insider Preview.
Fixed frequency tunning issues on for some TV cards.
Improved support for Windows 8.1 update 1.
Fixed frequency tunning issues on Windows 8.1 for some TV cards.

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  1. The help files are about lame, and support isn’t much better at communication with a beginner. A good deal of the time I spent floundering but figured it out. If you’re working on a project with alot of pages it can get a bit tedious doing all the shifting back and forth to put things where they go. I still love it.

  2. When I turned my computer on this morning, this program took control of my computer and automatically went into a scan – I could only stop it, and a message asking me to upgrade would pop up. I was unable to access anything else on my computer without a pop-up telling me that whatever file I clicking on was infected, and kept prompting me to upgrade. Couldn’t use any other program either. I was only able to kill this program by booting in Safe Mode with Networking to access System Restore. When I did that, much to my dismay, all my restore points had disappeared except for one, which was yesterday. I’ll have to check my settings, because I had restore points that existed for every day, and it would APPEAR that this program erased them all. Anyhow, yesterday’s restore point DID fix the problem, but it was VERY difficult to access and get it done. I thought I would share this – I REALLY believe this program is a VIRUS if you try it and don’t upgrade.

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