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Cheetah CD Burner full

Performance and conclusion

A great thing about this tool is that it remains light on computer resources all the time, although this kind of applications tend to eat up the CPU and RAM, especially during the burning process. The interface is simple to handle for all users and we did not come across any errors, bugs or hangs. To sum things up, Cheetah CD Burner 4.15 setup is a decent application that does its job very well. It is easy to operate, works fast and will not clog your system as it burns the discs.

Cheetah CD Burner patched

The Cheetah CD Burner 4.15 For Pc Free Download is an easy to use program for burning Dual Layer DVD, DVD, CD-R and CD-RW discs. It can also Burn Bootable CD’s, Bin/Cue files, ISO files, and Audio CD’s from MP3, MP2, AVI, WMA, OGG, and WAV files. Supports DAO and TAO burning modes for all disc types. Burning data to disc is a very common task and thanks to the wide variety of dedicated apps that are designed for that purpose, users can choose the one that best fits their needs. Especially tailored to help you create multiple types of discs on the fly, Cheetah CD Burner Serial Key is based on a simple interface with drag and drop support to set up new projects without wasting any time.

Cheetah CD Burner 4.15 with serial keys is a CD burner application for Windows. This could be considered the younger sibling of Cheetah DVD Burner, which is also a CD burner, but comes with DVD burning capabilities as well. With this application, you will be able to do all you can do with a CD burner. In other words, you will be able to burn data CDs, audio CDs, and video CDs. To make an Audio CD, you will need to have songs that are in the supported file formats. Any WAV or MP3 file will do. Simply add those files to the current compilation on your screen, and the songs will be converted to WAV so that you can burn them to an Audio CD.


  • Full of features
  • None
  • Fast
  • i couldn’t dl play lists off itunes and other media players
  • The fact that the software only saves ISO files means it eats up a lot of HD space if you want to save several different CDs worth of info. I’m used to RecordNow’s 2KB or smaller project files – Cheetah’s 700MB per file is too much for me. That said, it seems like it’d be a great program for folks just looking to compile CDs they didn’t need to keep archived for duplication.
  • i had no trouble burning a cd. it was great
  • Easy to use and does what you want. A very intuitive program.
  • Allows you to burn MP3 CD
Cheetah CD Burner Full Version Serial Key

The application can burn data and audio CDs at speeds of up to 40x, and we appreciate having the option to add files to a project by simply right-clicking them. You also can make a boot disc or copy an entire CD. Clicking the Settings tab lets you finalize your disc and use buffer control. The CD ripper encodes files in both MP3 and WAV formats and can access an online database for track and album information. The program also has tools for extracting audio from AVI video clips and converting audio files among such popular formats as MP3, WMA, and OGG. The Cheetah Web site currently has a deal offering the app for free, if you post a link back to their Web site. All things considered, we think Cheetah CD Burner Full Version serial code makes a fine choice. Packed with two side-by-side panels, this simple application lets you burn any kind of file to a disc, build ISO images, erase data from CDs or DVDs and copy an audio CD

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