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One can also add some more plug-ins and graphics. With cdrLabel 7.1.584 Full Version license code, you can exchange information with other tools via its automatic scan facility, modify and create text and images with various colors and font options, can read MP3, MP3, WMA, and OGG Tag information, import BMP, JPEG and GIF images, export BMP, PNG images and much more. Apart from all this it’s GPL’s database access with Internet can delivers all the information about; audio CDs and its artists, create a distinctive disc ID, scan and name audio CDs. It is truly compatible with Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP and helps the novice user with optional help windows. .

cdrLabel activated

Among the features worth highlighting we will find a pack of plug-ins to process the images, connection to CDDB to automatically insert the names of the songs from an audio CD, and the capacity to read the tags of digital audio files. cdrLabel 7.1.584 with serial keys is the perfect tool to design the covers for your optical discs. cdrLabel registration keys can obtain the information of the discs from a drive or from the Internet

cdrLabel 7.1 Full Version license Key 7.1 allows you to create labels for CDR, CD-ROM and CDRW disks Easy-to-use tool for creating and printing labels for your CDR, CDRW, and CD-ROM disks, with DVD support, in order to personalize your music or movie collection cdrLabel 7.1 Full Version Activator is a program designed to help users easily create and print covers for CDs. It is pretty old but works smoothly even on newer operating systems. The interface is outdated but easy to work with. You can create a new project by selecting a label type (circular, slimline, standard, booklet) and page ordering mode (e.g. front to back).


  • Unregistered users can not print more than limited number of printouts and can not customizeLogo
  • Create labels for CDs and DVDs
  • cdrLabel support multiple languages
  • Alot of people don’t realize that you ARE able to create cd labels, Front and back covers, AND CD Booklets with this little program. All you do is click on File, then Label Format and you are able to choose what you wanna make. This program rocks although I won’t probably buy but it’s nice to use it while I still can!
  • it works!
cdrLabel full version free

It is possible to establish the number of columns and show separators and lines, insert text and images (e.g. GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF), edit text properties (e.g. alignment, color), modify the file list, as well as create an inclusion/exclusion list of files to display. Furthermore, you can set the CD label, font and color, duplicate images and place them over the label or use them as the background, as well as apply photo effects (e.g. brightness and contrast, flip and rotate). It is possible to select the CD drive, export the project to HTML, BMP or TXT, as well as to save it to file for further modifications.

System Requirements for cdrLabel:

What’s new in cdrLabel?

DVD Support (64-bit file sizes)
Drive selection dialog improved
Plugins now included
Bugfixes in directory-only scanning, tabs in strings, CLB file format, handling of invalid files, file naming after cancelled opens

cdrLabel 7.1.584 license Key

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  1. This old aplication is the only one that I know it can generate a Label for CD-DVD containing a list of its directories (and files). This information is printed in the inverted tree form. Like Windows presents this directories in its File Explorer and other similar apps. It is good when you want to see what is burned on.

  2. This program is the work of joining a cool design with a stolen virus database from malwarebytes.

    You’d get better results from malwarebytes anti malware.

  3. This fact really needs to be put in the description but this free version only allows the all-zero single pass option and does NOT allow you to perform the advertised DoD level cleaning. And before some of you guys try the “But the manual says” excuse, TRY the software itself and see where that gets you. It’s clear the manual was written for the full version which this free version is NOT. There are other softwares that offer free and better level of cleaning (namely Eraser). Considering the other options, I don’t see a reason to go for this one other than simplicity and ease of use neither of which are a good tradeoff for the low level of protection this software offers.

  4. As with all software, there are occasional annoying bugs that can pop up on a given system configuration. I have encountered them occasionally but the company worked hard to resolve them with a fix or a workaround was given. I should also note that my system configuration was fairly uncommon and that most likely contributed.

  5. It could be improved as regards its usability: One can save work in convertible SVG and OBJ file formats but then (as with Google Sketchup and similar modelling programs), one gets lost about the limited but possible conversions to other programs. It would help to know which CAD programs can effectively import those files and have them then saved in file types that designers, architects, engineers use most, such as DWG.

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