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As you can watch as you download with the included player, you don’t have to wait for the file to complete before you can begin your viewing pleasures. For a free app, there is very little wrong with BitLord 2.4.6 Build 355 Full Version Registered, although its website does carry warnings that suggest it contains harmful software. Despite this, we found the whole operation works effectively so you can skip over those alerts, secure in the knowledge that the software itself is clean. The only other negative is that, during the set-up process, BitLord 2.4 preactivated tries to make adjustments to your computer.

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It's possible to create and manage playlists, update trackers, re-allocate torrents to other saving folders, select a folder to monitor and automatically add torrents from, prioritize the first and last pieces of the torrents, apply password protection to BitLord Full Version portable, enable an ad blocker for the browser, schedule tasks, and more. BitLord preactivated is a BitTorrent client written in C++ for Microsoft Windows.

Downloads P2P content with built-in search and Apple TV support BitLord 2.4.6 Build 355 activator is a p2p file-sharing program fully compatible with torrent files, which is one of the most popular p2p protocol designed for high-speed distribution of 100MB or GB-sized files. BitLord 2.4.6 Build 355 Registration key supports simultaneous downloads, download queue, selected downloads in torrent package, fast-resume, chatting, disk cache, speed limits, port mapping, proxy, and IP-filter.


  • It´s extremely fast
  • It´s interface may be confusing for novice users
  • that you have to wait a lot
  • i dont like it taken hours to download and i’m on broadband.
  • Slow, very slow
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In addition to this distinguishing factors, BitLord 2.4 registeration keys also features a large array of traditional features present in other peer-to-peer clients such as separating downloads with tags, completely manage download process, set download/upload/connection/upload slot limits, and comprehensive Preferences module with an incredible variety of customization available inside its 9 main tabs (General, Downloads, Queue, Network, Bandwidth, Interface, Browser, Proxy, and Scheduler). Users who have experience with other torrent clients will have no issues adapting to the user interface of BitLord 2.4 Full Version license Key , which by the most part follows the traditional solutions. However, keen eyes will immediately notice a few custom UI elements that promote the unique offerings of this app.

System Requirements for BitLord:

I have been using BitLord for more than an year and I live in Hamburg, Germany. A few weeks ago I got a letter from a Law office in Munich who opened a case against me, saying that I should pay a fee of $1.600,00 Euro because it is illegal to download torrents in Germany. I would like to ask you if you are aware of this law. Is it true? What is the position of BitLord in this case?

BitLord is a torrent client like any others. Its usage is free and you can do whatever you want with it, but you are the only one responsible for the content you’re downloading. As far as I know, Germany is very restrictive when it comes to 3rd party content that you download. You should contact your ISP and ask information about them. Torrents are illegal if you download the copyrighted content.
If you read the BitLord ToS, you will see that you can’t hold them responsible for the content you’re downloading.

I would like to do extra downloading. Can I do that and how?

BitLord is a torrent and Usenet client. It acts as a GUI to the torrent protocol. It allows you to do everything when it comes to torrent downloading. You can download as long as you want because there is no limitation to how much downloading you can do with it. This client is something like Azureus or Utorrent. It’s just another client that allows P2P downloading through torrents. Simply add another torrent, and begin the download. No extra configuration is necessary.

I accidentally removed the task and all its files. Can they be recovered?

only by using File Recovery Software like Recuva

In order to recover your files, you can try using a utility from Software Informer database. Many of these software are free of charge and easy to install and use. Personally, I recommend you try firstly Glary Undelete, Undelete 360, or iCare Undelete Free.

Has BitLord always been using the lphant engine even when it was 1.1, a BitComet clone? I’ve found the v2.0 beta (from what I understand this is the first release with eDonkey support) to be a very stable program, for a beta, but I’d like to help configure it. The lack of support seems almost intentional, to encourage users to opt for the Pro version. The forum is always unavailable. Does anybody have a better support forum than or

Unfortunately, there is no information regarding the engine used by BitLord. You should receive all information regarding your queries if you contact the official developers of the application. You can get in touch with them using the contact form from their website. Also, you can use Google search engine to find other forums.

Is BitLord it faster than BitTorrent?

They are pretty much the same. The download speed is mostly given by your Internet connection and the quality of the server that hosts the file, so the application that you use doesn’t really matter that much. However, as far as stability and overall usability go, BitTorent is a lot better.
In case you’re looking for an alternative to BitTorrent, I recommend trying out ForstWire. The tool has some very interesting additional features that you might like.

I was updating the program and when it finished downloading, the message came for a “Runtime” error. How do you fix it? It was working perfectly before updating.

Sometimes newer versions of apps require a certain Service Pack to be installed as well. I recommend installing the latest updates for your operating system through the Windows Update section and then re-download the software to initiate its connection.
I know I’ve encountered the same error with Skype and Windows 7. The app didn’t work until I upgraded to Windows 7 Service Pack 1.
Additionally, install the latest version of Visual C++ Runtime apps:

What’s new in BitLord?

Fixed columns expanding creating a scrollbar
Added Down Speed to player when buffering
Added vpn usage recommendation to player
BitLord should always handle ‘magnet’ and ‘torrentstream’ link in browser.
Fix: in torrents view last column became wider after app restart.
Fix: after torrent added sometimes it disappears in “All Downloads” section.
Fixed subtitle bug.
Updated language support files.
Improved AdBlocking for annoying ads in the browser.
Improved Chromecasting (now works with VPN enabled)
Improved user interface
Added crash reporting to MacOS
Fixed global speed limit bug
Added crash report feature. (It is now possible to send us a crash reports that will help us greatly to find serious bugs in the program)
BIG improvement to Chromecasting (You can now skip while playing, play while connected to VPN and generally it is easier to make it work)
Added button in player to rewind 15s
Fixed one bug instance where BitLord app window becomes black

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