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The search finds any verse intelligently. Results are linked to commentaries, references, and translations. View a map of the places mentioned and designs of ancient buildings. As you search, read and browse references and commentaries that are displayed below the verse window for instant access. Words with ancient roots are linked to all the translations. Every word is linked with meaning to its original. Read about how each word was translated. All the major commentaries from Strong’s to Torres are included and auto-linked. Includes an InterFaith tool and advanced copy/paste tools with a multi-color highlighter.

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Study different version of the bible and notice their subtle nuances A software program that allows you to browse through 43 Bibles, 1 million verse links, maps, commentaries and Bible Study guides. BiblePro codes is a software program that allows users to browse through, read and study 43 types of Bibles, containing also a huge amount of commentaries, references, maps and even dictionaries. BiblePro full download has an interactive interface that resembles Microsoft Word and Outlook. Seeing that almost everybody has used at least once in their life one of these programs, even beginners will be able to find everything they want to in this application.

The Holy Bible is one of the most important books in human history. Its teachings have inspired many people to change their lives. BiblePro 14.12 full is a comprehensive program which contains many tools for reading and studying the Scriptures. This version comes with two English versions of the Bible: the classic King James and the American Standard, which are two of the most important and recognized English translations.


  • Free
  • Comprehensive
  • Useful
  • None found
  • I bet the product is great but the annoyance factor makes it not worth it.
  • Have not found any yet have’t run the program since I got bad support help
  • Every time I did *anything* the program opened a new tab in Firefox with a new Google ad. Very annoying. I had 15 extra tabs open just from glancing at what features the program had. Uninstalled moments after installation.
  • You use to be able to buy the cd and it included alot of information and one low price.
  • I clicked the link for support and emailed my question and got a email back that said “I am not quite sure what you are asking”.The email came from a gmail acct and the guy never heard of bible pro.I an now leary of anything downloadable from CNET.
  • There is really nothing I don’t like about the product. I find it very useful and easy transition for various scripture research.
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All in all, BiblePro 14.12 full is a software program that can be very useful if you are interested in studying a certain Bible. The interface allows for an easy navigation and the multitude of options available really help you understand all the things that are of interest to you. BiblePro free download from BibleOcean is a free software Bible with interactive features that make it a fine study tool. You can add a raft of extras, such as Bible editions, maps, illustrations, numerous commentaries, and other resources by what was claimed to be an additional free download. However, we discovered that it requires a “donation” to download the “free CD” and other extras.

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  1. Customer service is worse than Time Warner Cable, you get connected to India, people ask you the same stupid questions from a script, then you get transferred to another Indian, and get asked the same stupid questions. After this, you get calls and then they ask you the same stupid questions and runaround, problem will NEVER get resolved. The “answer Forum” is a complete joke ran by a bunch of arrogant jerks.

  2. The puzzles generated give you no logical solution pattern. Most I finished don’t even have a unique solution.

  3. Only one real con but it was enough to lose me. it would not keep my location, drop iit, flash me an annoying pou up until i did something then not be able to re locate the place for bit then start the interfering process all over i got rid of it


  5. Haven’t tested all formats yet, but seems to work well. Seems a little slow on .wmv conversions.

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