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Talking to people over the Internet has become as common as talking to them face to face. That’s why you should consider using Beyluxe Messenger Full Version Serial Key, a useful instant chatting tool that will allow you to communicate with friends from all over the world. The interface is similar to other applications of this kind, so it’s pretty easy to operate. Beyluxe Messenger full version patch has a large suite of color themes from where you can choose the one that suits you best.

Beyluxe Messenger activator

Beyluxe Messenger Full Version pre-Activated is a voice and video chatting application The Beyluxe Messenger 0.5 Full Crack grants users access to thousands of video chat rooms and SuperIM, which permits free video calls with up to ten people using applications such as AOL Instant Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. Users also get SuperIM URLs. These are free, customizable URLs based on users’ Beyluxe Messenger 0.5 premium nicknames that enable other people to directly chat with them online. It’s an online chat service that allows people to communicate with each other via instant messaging, voice chatting and video conferencing.

Beyluxe Messenger full version with keygen download is an instant messaging service that you can use to communicate with people from all over the world. The user interface of the program contains many of the functions found in many more popular applications that serve the same purpose.

Chat with friends with the help of this convenient app

You can view online and offline friends, add contacts, chat via microphone and enable webcam, send and receive files, view time stamps, set a predefined or custom status, switch to invisible mode and manage "custom away" messages. Additionally, you can change the theme and your account password, view a profile, access the message archive, change the interface theme, create a private room or join a public chatroom (includes several categories and sub-categories).


  • Built-in Public Room Creator & Configuration
  • Many user-interface themes
  • Works as a standalone application
  • You can’t talk to users that are not registered
  • i think right now there site is down dont understand why it scan my browser after logging in i went to their web site and its saying its offline. also the compatablity should be for wins 8 you have to run it in compatablity for xp. please have it for wins8
  • this is a good program
Beyluxe Messenger Free Download Activator

The application also comes with a set of predefined statuses and about hundreds of chat rooms, both public and private, where you can join and start conversations. You can share music or send text messages and even do video or voice chat. The only flaw I found is that you can’t chat with any other users that are not Beyluxe Messenger keys clients and since there are other similar programs that are more popular, you can understand my disappointment. Beyluxe Messenger preactivated provides the same features as other related software: emoticons, message archive, voice and video chat, public and private messaging and much more. But since it’s free you’ve got nothing to lose if you give it a try.

System Requirements for Beyluxe Messenger:

  • Beyluxe Account
  • Internet Connection
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Homepage:
  • Author Beyluxe Communication S.R.L
  • Last version

I cannot register a new account. Can you help me with that?

In order to register for an account on Beyluxe Messenger, you need to reinstall the application. It will detect that its the first time you’ve installed the application and then a web page will be opened and you’ll be redirected to Beyluxe Registration. Fill all the forms in, and then you’ll have your account created. Make sure you use a real e-mail address as you’ll need to confirm your account.

I already download Beyluxe Messenger on my tablet, but it says “Can’t be opened”. How can I install it?

Beyluxe Messenger isn’t developed to run on tablets and mobile devices, yet. According to a Facebook post on the Beyluxe official, the company said that it will bring their chat application for tablets and mobiles somewhere in the future.
Quote Facebook Beyluxe Official:

Hi, for the time being it’s not available for Tablet, we hope that in the future near by we will succeed in fulfilling our customer’s needs and wishes!thank you once again for your understanding and support for Beyluxe Messenger!

I cannot connect to a particular room even after creating a new ID. It gives me a “You are currently restricted from joining G rated rooms” message. What should I do?

What is the solution to overcome the ban by using different ID?

If you can’t join a room after you created another ID, it means that either that room doesn’t accept new members or your IP address is banned. In both cases you will need to contact the administrators of that room. If you can’t get in touch with them try connecting using a proxy utility like Anonymity 4 Proxy. Also, make sure that the Beyluxe Messenger is updated to the latest version.

I cannot run Beyluxe. Its icon is on the desktop but when I click on it is not opening. What can I do?

my Username in beyluxe doesn’t work

Hi, my beyluxe doesn’t work, why? it’s on the desktop but not working. if I click a message will appear: THIS SOFTWARE IS OUTDATED PRESS OK TO UPDATE 🙁

In order to fix the problem, I recommend you right-click the icon and select Run as Administrator. If this doesn’t fix the the problem, remove the software from your PC (Control Panel > Uninstall a program) and then download and install the updated version from the official web page.

I’m not able to open Beyluxe Messenger on my PC. What can I do?

for the last few days whenever i try to login to beyluxe messenger, a message is generated “unable to connect to server”. what am i supposed to do to solve this problem????

i am not able to open Beyluxe messenger in my laptop..y?

In order to fix the problem, remove the software from your PC (Control Panel > Uninstall a program) and then download and install the latest version of the program from the official web page. Just click the blue Download button, save the file to your computer and install the utility following the on-screen instructions. If you have problems, you can try using other similar tools from Software Informer database.

How to create a new account in Beyluxe Messenger?

To create an account, download and install the application from its official website. Start the launcher from the desktop and after the installation is finished, click on the Create a new account link. A new window will be opened giving you the possibility to create an account. You might need to fill all the fields in order to create an account. A valid email is required to confirm the account.

I am using Windows 8 and for some reason I have installed Hotshield protection. Before that action, Beyluxe Messenger asked me to perform an update. After the update I couldn’t log in anymore to Beyluxe. It says the application is frozen. I uninstalled that hotshield and still I face the same problem with Beyluxe. I re-installed Beyluxe and again I get the same problem as the application is frozen. Please answer me ASAP. Thank you, Lekha.

Hotshield, as far as I know, it’s VPN software which allows you to browse safely by installing a virtual tunnel adapter on your computer to bypass local restrictions. It seems that the Beyluxe application is not connecting or has connectivity issues. I suggest you look at your default firewall application. This is a strange case because I don’t see how an application can be frozen.
Also, try to remove any applications you installed before. There is a big possibility that the software is affected by other applications or you could face a malware infection which damaged your system’s stability and applications.

Are you using Windows 8? If this is the case then its happening with every Windows 8 user not only with you. Beyluxe messenger gets stuck during the logging in and afterwords it closes with an error, so be patience it will be solved.

the nex update not used with crystal skin you use ..instal this program Alienware Theme Manager for Win XP and choose 1 option =windows xp distop

Yar mia bohat dino baad beyluxe on karta ho magar muj se apna secret Qusion bhol gia hia. koi mera madad kar sakta hia kia?

Beyluxe does not update completely. What to do?

If you cannot update the application, try downloading the application again. When downloading a new package you can always be sure that the version is the latest released. Make sure the main application is closed then perform the update using the package. You can overwrite the old files with the new package.

Every time I try to log in to Beyluxe Messenger it writes: “Invalid username and/or password”. I am sure the name and password are right.

Maybe, you’ve pressed wrong letters or numbers and if you have another account, you’re probably using your other pass. So try all the passwords if it still doesn’t work, make a new one. Hope this works.

If you know the login details are correct, it’s possible that your username is banned. I recommend contacting the support team to ask for clarifications regarding this issue. They are able to provide a status for your username and passwords.

Try this:

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  1. Most of the time whenever you try to connect it generates an error that “Unable to connect to server”. Not a good software for chatting.

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