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You may also fiddle with various settings regarding the output file, including the video and audio encoding profiles, video aspect ratio, resolution and bitrate. Also, the app includes tools that enable you to create a DVD menu. Thus, you can create two types of menus: static or motion. The aspect ratio can be set to standard or widescreen, while the titles format may be set to text or thumbnails. There are several templates that you can work with. It’s also possible to define the maximum number of titles per page and the format in which these appear. The process only takes a few seconds to complete and the file is saved to a directory of your choice. The bottom line is that AVStoDVD 2.8.9 with serial keys is a nice tool that can be quite helpful. Less experienced users should find it easy to handle, thanks to the intuitive layout.

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Creating a DVD, especially if you want custom title menus and other such personalization, isn’t always an easy feat. AVStoDVD full version with crack and keygen doesn’t exactly make this task easier — it’s certainly not the most intuitive program we’ve used — but it does provide plenty of options for the technically competent. If you’re looking for a tidy wizard-style program that will walk you through each step and keep all the jargon under wraps, AVStoDVD 2.8.9 full version with crack is probably not the best choice. If you have some familiarity with digital video already, it may be just the thing.

Download AVStoDVD 2.8.9 Full Version Activation Code – A multimedia converter with support for a variety of formats, allowing you to create DVD-compatible streams and burn your music DVDs AVStoDVD Full Version Activation Key is a flexible tool to convert various media formats to DVD compliant streams and burn them… Converting between various media formats isn’t such a difficult task if the right tools are used. AVStoDVD Full Version Activator is a nice utility that can convert various media formats to DVD compatible streams and burn them into a single track DVD. The app has a clean interface that should be quite easy to handle, thanks to the intuitive layout. The program supports various file formats, including 3GP, AVI, DIVX, FLV, MKV, MPEG, MOV, WMV and AVS, to name just a few. Once a file is loaded, the utility provides several details regarding it, including the title, directory location, video and audio stats, including the resolution, frequency, bitrate and duration.


  • The application allows to change advanced settings
  • I couldn’t find one
  • The application is able to convert various video formats to DVD
  • You can create DVD menus in a simple manner
  • Don’t see how you can complain about something that’s free and has this much to offer.
  • nothing to complain about
  • Lost my patience — the GUI and Help files speak Geek, untranslated.
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To conclude, some important changes made in this new version (2.2) are: The program now is able to read chapters positions from a media file that contains that info. Besides, now there's the possibility to demux audio streams when processing multi audio tracks titles. In addition, new DLL files have been added to open uncompressed audio formats. Finally, the 'adding and reading subtitles' feature, together with the 'Parse DVD' section, both have been improved too.

System Requirements for AVStoDVD:

  • Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or higher
  • AviSynth 2.5.7 or higher – included in the installer
  • DirectShow codecs/filters needed to play media files to convert
  • 1 GHz CPU or more
  • 10GB Hard Disk or more
  • 1GB RAM or more
  • DVD Burner Drive
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista
  • Homepage: sites.google.com
  • Author AVStoDVD
  • Last version 2.8.9

What’s new in AVStoDVD?

Added support to PGS BluRay subtitles
Added handling and display of MediaInfo BitDepth video tag
Added support to 8 channels audio source (Downmix.avsi script file updated)
Improved Muxing routine: better errors handling and switch to FFmpeg (instead of Mplex) when no audio source is present
Improved usage of FFMS2: now YV12 colorspace is always specified (A2DSource external AviSynth function updated as well)
Improved AviSynth program info retrieving routine (now using AVSMeter)
LAV Filters updated to release 0.74.1
Some bugs fixed
Added 'Audio Peak Level Check' feature in 'Title Edit'/'AviSynth'/'Audio'/'Delay Audio' option
Added support to OGG chapters txt format (timestamps) in 'Title Edit'/'Chapters'/'Import Chapters' routine
Added management of 'Default=Yes/No' audio and subs tracks tags from MediaInfo, instead of assuming that 1st track is the default one

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