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Autorun MAX! 2.4 activated is a visual package that allows you to create professional CD/DVD-ROM autorun and autoplay menus, CD business cards, newsletters, pamphlets, invitations, sales offers, résumés, greeting cards and many other multimedia projects. It is a lite version of AutoPlay Media Studio. You can create your projects based on your own content (photo, video, etc.). It has an intuitive and nice interface. The program is quick to learn and easy to use. There are a lot of editing tools to manage your pictures, video and music. Besides, it contains many layout tools, such as objects alignment, page grids, guidelines.

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Autorun MAX! setup is a program designed to help you create and design autorun menus for your CDs. It can be easily handled, even by less experienced users. The tool is wrapped in a clean and intuitive interface. You can start a new project by specifying a name and selecting a template (e.g. agreement, announcement, CD business card, digital postcards, newsletter, sales offer). Autorun MAX! Free Crack allows you to insert various objects, such as buttons, labels and paragraphs, along with images and videos from your computer. These can be removed, duplicated or organized.

Furthermore, you can view object properties, bring items to the front or send them to the back, as well as use the undo and redo functions. Additional features of the app let you insert background music, startup splash screens and startup videos, as well as schedule an action for the project startup or shutdown (e.g. open document, view website, explore folder). Moreover, you can configure program settings when it comes to the page size, default object sounds, window style, custom icon and requested user privilege level. From the 'Tools' menu you can optimize resources (e.g. confirm deletion), create buttons and customize toolbars, commands, keyboard shortcuts, options and themes. The program requires a low-to-moderate amount of system resources, has a good response time and includes an extensive help file. We have not come across any error dialogs in our tests and Autorun MAX! with keygen did not freeze or crash. Download Autorun MAX! full version with crack and keygen – Make professional menus, CD business cards and multimedia projects using this comprehensive tool with intuitive options and configuration settings Make professional menus, CD business cards and multimedia projects using this comprehensive tool with intuitive options and configuration settings


  • Intuitive interface
  • Wide range of ready templates and multimedia objects
  • Not free
  • Creates professional projects
  • Easy to use
  • Built-in Publishing Wizard
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The program has two Licenses – Home and Business. The difference between these versions is that projects created with Business Edition can be distributed for business use, and also in projects’ pages quantity – up to 100 pages projects with Home and up to 250 pages projects with Business Edition. If you want to download a 30-days fully functional trial version, you should register on the developer’s website. The download link will be sent to you by e-mail. Autorun MAX! Full Version Activator™ 2.1 gives you the power to create professional looking autorun

System Requirements for Autorun MAX!:

How can i get the full version of Autorun MAX?

You can order the full version at the publisher’s web site, here:

What’s new in Autorun MAX!?

New Features:
Feature: Updated Autorun MAX!'s design environment to support Windows 10.
Feature: Updated Autorun MAX!'s runtime manifests to support Windows 10.
Fix: Fixed an issue in the File Layout dialog relating to projects referenced using UNC paths.
Fix: Fixed a bug where Video objects may be drawn on incorrect pages at design-time.
Fix: Updated distributed upx.exe to version

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  1. When I tried to recover the partition, it showed an error message saying to read the help file. However the help file is not much useful

  2. youtube videos encoded at 60 fps will always convert to 25 fps no matter what profile you use or even the mts2 profile at 60 fps. This means the video plays back at more then twice the speed of the audio.

  3. 1 audio sync
    biggest problem was wait hours to little over day even when its the only program running. another snag would be freeze between loading several videos to the program for converting and has a big difficuty with converting divx files

  4. Nothing special
    Not free unless you don’t use it
    Misleading claims of free use
    Dishonest company
    Appearance is outdated

  5. The only con that I could see is that when you are in the trial, there’s no help options (not that it needs it) or information about the software mfg. Theres no “About”, which is where that information would be.

  6. I’ll never use it again. I now have to pay to get my computer fixed after running this program. I now have a registry problem. I wrote to 1 Click Fixer, but no response from them.

  7. Very non-user friendly, interface is confusing at best. If you’re looking for a simple product to make some ringtones, this is definitely not it. Don’t waste your time downloading this.

  8. Well, as I said, no need to be a god to use Flash Designer. But some help would be welcome, and their help is the very bare minimum. Both online and in the program itself. No indication whatsoever on where to find scripting information if required. Hopefuly, they’ll fix that, and get their fifth star!

  9. Tried to download your T-shirt software but all I get is software that I do not want. There are too many other downloads for this site.

  10. Not for hobby, this is a photo industry tool and the best one, average photo tweakers or scapbooking should try Photoshop Elements or others like that.

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