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Hitlists can be saved on local disks, renamed, refreshed and used to perform either a manual batch process killing or an automatic one, according to a set of user-defined parameters. For example, you can configure Auto Kill Any Process Full Crack to automatically run at Windows boot and thus terminate startup items that may slow down the system. On the other hand, this little piece of software can be used to close processes that stop responding on a regular basis, or simply close memory hogging apps to boost computer stability. Auto Kill Any Process 2.2 Serial Key isn’t difficult to use once you figure out the purpose of each feature, but there’s no help manual to lend you a hand in this regard. All things considered, Auto Kill Any Process 2.2 For Windows Download can be quite a handy tool for many users out there, although it’s pretty clear that a more user-friendly approach is needed. Terminates processes automatically or based on user’s lists A very basic and simple “Hitlist” based process batch-terminator. Download Auto Kill Any Process Free Crack – A very basic and simple

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Prevents the processes to run automatically and controls how and when the services or processes start based on a HITLIST concept. Monitors the entire list of processes and terminates the ones added to the blacklist or defined in a custom list. It can kill processes instantly or at given intervals. Auto Kill Any Process full version crack or A.K.A.P for short, is a very useful utility, to kill Multiple-Sets of different processes at once, by simply launching the program. It can also automatically monitor and kill processes at user specified intervals. These features can come in handy if you want to clean up a batch of related processes, after working with any application, or if you want to clear a set of expendable processes before starting another RAM intensive application, or to automatically get rid of reincarnating processes, in just a few seconds, instead of using the tedious task manager.

A.K.A.P uses the HITLIST concept, wherein, the names of the processes, chosen to be terminated by the user, are saved in a file with its extension as ‘.hitlist’. This Hitlist is then passed to the program whenever it is executed, so that, all these processes can be killed at once, by simply launching the program or by using the timer feature. Auto Kill Any Process full version setup, the name says it all. This is a lightweight Windows freebie that does exactly what its name suggests: it can automatically terminate some processes based on user-defined parameters. The program relies on what’s being called a “Hitlist”, which is actually a fully-configurable list of processes that are supposed to be killed by the app. Setting up a new hitlist is as easy as pie because Auto Kill Any Process full version with keygen download shows all running processes and lets you pick the items to be added to a specific list. What’s more, it shows process details, such as ID, name, user, title, path and responding status, while also enabling you to terminate a selected item instantly.

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System Requirements for Auto Kill Any Process:

  • Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0
  • Windows 2003, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Homepage:
  • Author AKMA Solutions
  • Last version 2.2

What’s new in Auto Kill Any Process?

What’s new:
Auto Kill Timer – repeatedly monitors and kills reincarnating processes at regular user-specified intervals
Some changes in user-interface
Bug fixes:
Minor modifications to avoid the application crashing under certain circumstances.
Terminating any process, kills instances of that process running under a different user as well, this is not desired.
Termination log doesn't always reflect the accurate time interval between two consecutive terminations.
Any error that occurs while enumerating the list of running processes, halts the enumeration. [in 2nd Tab]
Empty process name is added when adding processes to hitlist for the first time. [in Tabs 2 & 3]
Had to click twice or double click on checked list box to "check mark" an item.[in Tabs 2,3, 4 & Hitlist Chooser window]
Auto clear termination logs must be applicable for each individual user. [in 4th Tab]

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