Audials Tunebite 11.0.55900 pre-Activated Free Download

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This powerful tool also comes with handy file format conversion capabilities. It doesn’t support a large variety of formats as most other conversion apps do, but it can retain the quality of the converted files, it can deal with audio book formats, and it can even convert MKV movie files from ripped Blu-ray movies into MP4, WMV, AVI or other formats without sacrificing any quality. Copying DVDs is also possible, and so is ripping the content of multimedia DVDs and saving it to various file formats.

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Moreover, Tunebite offers access to the Audials Media Center tool which enables you to easily manage and organize your media collections. Creating and managing playlists is possible as well. This tool is easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface. The interface is also highly customizable, as it supports different themes and visual styles. To sum it all up, Tunebite is a nice tool that comes with plenty of advantages. Two versions are available for purchase (Platinum and Premium), each one with a different price and a different set of features, so finding the exact one that suits your needs shouldn’t be hard at all.

Tunebite is a multimedia file converter, recorder and organizer Tunebite is a multimedia file converter, recorder and organizer. Its main function is to help you obtain media files of the needed formats in a simple and convenient manner. Tunebite comes with comprehensive recording and capturing functions, for both audio and video content. It can download videos from video sharing websites and music from subscription services, and the recording feature lets you capture any played video stream or audio track.


  • Customizable interface
  • A bit pricey
  • Can both record and download media files
  • Doesn’t support too many formats
  • Easy-to-use
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System Requirements for Audials Tunebite:

  • Author Audials AG
  • Last version 11.0.55900

5 Comments on “Audials Tunebite 11.0.55900 pre-Activated Free Download”

  1. …they hit you with an update, without telling you that it is not FREE. They wait until you have updated to announce that they have to charge you for it, and you cannot go back to the Free version.

    I contacted them about this. They refused to answer.

  2. To the less experienced the configuration choices may at first seem a little overwhelming, which is a shame as AIS really is very easy to use. You can simply ignore the choices that don’t apply to you, plus the documentation and support if you need it really are excellent

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