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Manual or automatic fan speed adjustment

The Overclocking zone of the program displays the nominal as well as current GPU and memory values and allows you to alter the voltage and core / memory speed. For artifact testing purposes, you are given the chance to run a 3D renderer or a benchmark. The Fan tab section offers two control options for manual speed and automatic depending on temperature, while the 'Automatic Fan Control Table' makes setting the fan speed according to the temperature a breeze.

ATI Tray Tools full version

ATI Tray Tools Full Crack is the RivaTuner of the ATI / AMD graphic adapters. It's one of the best (if not the best) tweaking solutions for Radeon owners. This doesn't mean it's only overclocker oriented and it can be used by beginners too. It only requires that you install the video card's drivers and doesn't need the Catalyst Control Center in order to properly work.

Clever integration in the context menu

In fact, you can successfully use ATI Tray Tools Beta Full Version key instead of CCC as it's much more lighter and powerful. Once installed, the application sits in the tray and provides a consistent right-click menu. Alongside the innovative 'Game Profiles', you can easily access the 3D, Hardware, Tweaks, Hot Keys, Plugins, Refresh Lock, Rotation or Video & Colors.

ATI Tray Tools 1.7 full version crack is a full featured Radeon tweaker that can be found in the Windows tray, which then allows instant access to options and settings. Software highlights: support for ATI Control Center; support for TV Out and displays with profiles; options to change Theater mode together with TV Out; overclocking with templates including Fan control; automatic overclocking when application requires 3D mode; temperature monitoring; artifact tester with ability to find maximum stable clocks for GPU and memory; game profiles with desktop shortcut creation; Direct3D/OpenGL settings with templates, GUI form, and tray pop-up menu; hardware low-level color correction; hardware tweaks.

Gain in-depth details regarding your card's performance

For those of you that just can't keep themselves from going beyond the ordinary tweaking limits, the Advanced Registry Tweaks window accommodates a vast array of options like Advanced D3D / OGL Tweaks, CCC Mode Switch, Compatibility / Display / Video Tweaks, Multi Thread Support or New AA and AF Methods. The application also packs a fully customizable On Screen Display for important values such as GPU / Memory Clocks, Frames Per Second or FAN Duty Cycle.

System Requirements for ATI Tray Tools:

  • ATI Radeon card
  • Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit, Windows 2K
  • Homepage:
  • Author Ray Adams
  • Last version Beta

What’s new in ATI Tray Tools?

New game profiles option. "Disable CrossFire". This option can help you to disable CF temporarily for selected game without disabling CF at hardware level. Your second board will not be used in this mode. After game end , CrossFire mode will be restored.
new ini file option opt_use_soft_clk_read. Set it to 1 to enabled Software clocks reading method. Can help when your board not yet fully supported
Enabled new A.I. functionality for HD5xxx series
Radeon HD 6000 Series are now supported
Fixed localization bugs for CrossFire dialog window
Updated ini files handling procedures to be more compatible with Windows Vista
Improved compatiblity with IE7 under Vista with UAC enabled.
Added new localizations
Added option to change "Black and White level"
Fixed OSD rendering problem with Overlord game. (Thanks to Unwinder)
Updated Overlay color handling procedure to support new ATI Overlay color modes

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  1. It doesn’t send it to Compose, but to drafts folder. This is both a positive and negative of the program.

  2. Fails every time it’s installed. I’ve followed Adobe’s instructions to the letter, visited their FAQ, used their special uninstaller, run it three or four times, rebooting every time. The new Flash works … briefly.

  3. What a piece of work, my son downloaded this without my knowledge, it tried to load itself and take over all file formats without permission, then the uninstaller magically “disapeared.” It even was able to disable the windows add/remove feature! Took me forever to get it out of my system.

  4. Some complained that it used a lot of memory no problem using xp pro 1 gig of memory So I guess that ( suggestion) if your pc is straddling the minimal amount it would run slow because of it during scan .. Also could be other reasons .. just my 2

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