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The fact that each subject and teacher are shown in a different color manages to make it easier to use and, furthermore, it’s much more practical when it’s printed with the utility included within the program. Moreover, the complete version includes an absentee and substitutions manager, to keep control of even the slightest detail. Assigning teachers to classes (‘staffing’): Sometimes the department head teachers stipulate what the staffing will be, but often there are alternative teachers that can be given to a class, and the timetabler must make the decision based on timetabling considerations.

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Create timetables for school or work

Thanks to aSc TimeTables 2014.13.1 reg keys , creating the class timetables will be much easier because if all the data are input, the software will take charge of optimizing the time as much as possible. Thus, we’ll be able to indicate each teacher, his/her subjects and the groups that he has to lecture, as well as being able to configure the different needs of each group to be able to obtain a timetable that meets all the expectations.

aSc TimeTables 2014 Full Version Activation Code is a tool to create tables with the timetables of studies centers. Download aSc TimeTables Free Download Activator and organize your time, teachers and subjects Award winning school scheduling/timetabling software. Free trial, best timetable generator. Free Unlimited Trial Without registration, this program operates as a demo version. The demo version has all functions of the full version; except exports to HTML and Excel, and printed pages contain a watermark.

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Exporting options

Plus, the application allows you to print the generated timetables, import the information from the Clipboard or XML file format, as well as export it to HTML, XML, or other formats compatible with mobile devices, as well as send the timetable by email with your default client.

Manage seminars and generate statistics

Last but not least, you can arrange students in seminar groups, specify the maximum number of students for certain seminar lessons, view statistics about the total number of teachers, classes, cards, and windows, perform searches throughout the entire database, as well as change the background color of the timetable.

An overall efficient timetable creator

All things considered, aSc TimeTables serial code provides an intuitive working environment and comes packed with many useful features for helping you design timetables.

System Requirements for aSc TimeTables:

How can groups be created if the class has to go for 5 different classes at the same time?

The developers of the application offer users the possibility of accessing various information (tutorials, manuals, guidelines) using their website. There is a section on their website called Support which offers these resources.
There is also a page with instructions on how to operate with groups. I recommend you access it to read all about it.
Support page:
Note: There are many other topics on the page, so make sure you’ll check those as well. Scroll up to see the list with the topics.

Is there an Android version for an Asus tablet?

No, there is no Android version of aSc TimeTables because the application is developed for Windows and Mac. You can obtain it through the official website, but according to the point 4 on their help page, the application will be available soon for Google and iOS devices. You just have to wait a little longer for it to be released and checking periodically on Google Play is recommended.

How to screenshot the timetable of a particular teacher?

You will have to use a third party tool since the main application doesn’t offer the possibility to take screenshots of its windows. Open the software, click the Teachers button, then select the desired teacher and click on the Time Off to display the timetable.
Install Lightshot from the following link, press the Print Screen button on your keyboard and drag around the table. Afterwards, upload the image to the cloud or use the diskette icon to save it to your PC.

  • Download Lightshot:

Can this program be used on Macbook?

Yes, aSc TimeTables can be used on the Macbook as well. The developers have created a version for this particular operating system and you can download it from the Mac Informer page.
Save the DMG file, double-click it and then use the additional instructions to properly install the application on your Macbook.

What’s new in aSc TimeTables?

New feature Analyze by generation:
This feature will help you to identify problems in your timetable by showing which cards the generator had the most problems to place. You can use it in case your timetable passes the test, that means the software is able to generate timetables for each individual class, teacher or room but it is not possible to generate the whole timetable.
New feature Analyze by extended tests:
The basic test tries to generate single objects. But although if you can generate a timetable for each teacher alone, you may still not be able to generate a timetable for two teachers together. This new feature tries to help you with finding smaller subsets of your timetable that cannot be generated. It is then easier to find what the actual problem is, because you only deal with small part of your timetable. Also this feature not only finds sets of classes/rooms, but it tries also to eliminate constraints or time-offs. So it can tell you that for example certain two teachers cannot be generated together when you consider their time-offs. You will then know there is no problem with other constraints, just 2 teachers and their timeoffs.

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  1. These choices are completely static. Iit’s pretty idiot-proof, barring simple bad taste. For designers, it is pretty frustrating to be limited to simple choices.

  2. This software invents problems in the registry that other softwares that really are leaders in the market do not detect (SpyBot, Ewido). Let me give you an advice: ff you are going to spend bandwidth downloading a good program to correct bugs and to protect your computer, better try SpyBot!

  3. Just a suggestion: It should at least come with aCD label maker just so it has the complete package for the price.

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