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A simple software to multiple compress files and folders. ArcThemAll provides compression and extraction of batches of multiple folders or files with simple drag&drop loading. It includes an intelligent UPX compression mode, the support to self-extracting archives creation, archives encryption and decryption and much more. It allows configuration of the major elements and uses optimized settings for the rest, so you won't have to worry about them. Dozens of formats are supported.

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So, all you have to do is establish the output archive type and directory, in order to proceed with the compression procedure. ArcThemALL! 5.1 Activation Code supports the EXE, DLL and OCX formats for the UPX type, as well as 7Z, ARJ, CAB, CHM, DMG, ISO, LZH, RAR and many others when it comes to the extraction operation. Several configuration settings are available for advanced users when it comes to the compression mode (e.g. intelligent, NRV2E, LZMA). But you can also make the app create self-extracting archives, encrypt 7Z archives with a password, backup and verify the compressed files, use the Ultra-Brute compression ratio, compress embedded icons, and to strip relocation records, just to name a few.

Simple file compressor

With a very simple interface, you will only have to choose if you are going to compress or extract, and add the files. To do so you can use the ArcThemALL! Full Version Free Download Button or drag and drop the files on the interface. After that you will have to choose the output formats and wait for a few seconds for the operation to finish. ArcThemALL! Full Version key allows the possibility to compress using UPX (Ultimate Packer for Executables), one of the best formats to compress executable files. What’s more, it has support to use three external compressors, and you can compress in two of the most popular formats, that are ZIP and 7z. A simple software to multiple compress files and folders. A multi-compressor of files and folders Download ArcThemALL! 5.1 full setup – A multi-compressor of files and folders ArcThemALL! Free Crack provides compression and extraction of multiple folders or files

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ArcThemALL! 5.1 Full Version license code is a free application to compress and decompress files. If you are looking for a compressor that is compatible with the 7z, ZIP and UPX formats, and that is easy-to-use, ArcThemALL! 5.1 Activator Free Download meets all these requirements. To work with this kind of compressed files it will no longer be necessary to use complex applications, all you will need is a tool like ArcThemALL! 5.1 setup .

System Requirements for ArcThemALL!:

What’s new in ArcThemALL!?

added support to generate a Log file
updated UPX v3.91
fixed integration in Context menu and SendTo menu
fixed some minor bugs
Improved interface
Added MD5 Hash checking to detect duplicates
Added support to delete source files after process
Added support to select the interface color
Updated MPRESS v2.19
Updated UPX v3.09
Fixed "always on top" option
Fixed some minor bugs
improved Options
removed system integrations during installation (available from Options)
improved interface
improved performance
improved source code
improved system Context menu integration

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39 Comments on “ArcThemALL! 5.1 full version patch”

  1. I have been using this programme since 01.01.2010. Not only have I recorded my blood pressure, I have used it as a ‘health diary’. I have recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and it allowed my specialist to see the build up to the diagnosis and follow the progress and treat accordingly. Highly recommended!

  2. How when a cannon ball hit the ground it would leave a crater then the crater would disapear.

  3. This program would freeze my computer, so I just uninstalled the program the trial version

  4. When exiting the program, screen resolution is not restored. I can’t change my resolution back to normal.

  5. I TRIED IT AND IT KILLED MY WIFI CARD! Even I tried to change the setting back to original but the card would not connect to WiFi network again! Terrible software!

  6. When ripping CD’s where the Tracks merge with each other the software tended to truncate each tracks length by about 2 seconds.

  7. Does what it says, it is very linear and no fuss. It will work with Realtec Quadraphonic option, only form Winamp, I am still not able to get a Quadraphonic sound from Windows 7!

  8. It was so painfully SLOW I couldn’t stand it. I’m pretty savvy when it comes to making sure I uncheck all the little boxes that would add unwanted toolbars and programs but even I missed the AVG Secure Search uncheck box. Thankfully it was fairly simple to get rid of but don’t follow they’re steps because they don’t work. Just go to your control panel and uninstall it from there.

  9. This install came packed with garbage that screwed up IE, FF, and Chrome. Added at least two add-ons to each browser that underlined links, added promo banners to websites, etc. Won’t be downloading from CNET again.

  10. Plenty… besides altering your Windows XP files! I would save my money and look elsewhere!

  11. Option to change default weather map for a city. Many have maps that don’t even include the city (though this is from the data source more than the app itself).

  12. The website sells it short – this is so much more of a product than its marketing may give credit for….

  13. Yadis works as well as advertised. Runs full backups and backs up changes in real time. I’ve been very impressed.

  14. Contains OpenCandy adware. And also installs so called “web companion” which hijacks your browser.. Cnet, how can you claim this is malware free?

  15. Everything else. The downloader, the malware and bots that are packaged with this program. I am submitting an email to the maker of CPU-Z and tell that they should have users download the software directly from them and leave out the middle-man or CNet’s marekting/client based products to themselves or as stand-alones. Just totally inconsiderate and uacceptable.

  16. way back during its Ad-Aware Se days, i used to be a big fan of this but since it has become Ad-Aware 2007, updating it has become a big torment for me so i un-installed it for good.

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