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However, the tool was unsuccessful in its attempt to compress several files during our evaluation, without mentioning the error type. Furthermore, the packed items were not able to run, as the OS recognized them as corrupted files. Only the decompression option helped restore the items to their original status.

A few last words

Having this in mind, it is strongly advised against testing the program using important files or critical Windows items. We must also take into account that the app has not been updated for a very long time, so it doesn't work properly on newer Windows editions. Alternate EXE Packer Full Version license code needs a lot of improvement.

Alternate EXE Packer license Key

Automatically overwrites original files

Compressing files is seamlessly done, with the simple click of a button. It is also possible to select the compression level. Alternate EXE Packer 2.410 cracked automatically overwrites the original items and reveals the original and new size in the log window. Unfortunately, it does not give you the possibility of creating new files. Unpacking previously compressed items is done in a similar manner. Alternate EXE Packer Activation Code is very low-demanding when it comes to the CPU and system memory, thus it doesn't hog the computer resources. It has a good response time and carries out tasks rapidly.

Alternate EXE Packer 2.410 codes is a simple-to-use program that aims to compress EXE and DLL files, in order to reduce space on the hard drive and to enable the files in question to unpack automatically at runtime.

Manage added items and view related details

The interface of the application is represented by a standard window with an intuitive layout. Adding EXE and DLL items to the list is done with the help of the file browser or "drag and drop" functionality. Alternate EXE Packer Registration Code supports batch processing, so you can add as many files as you want. In the primary application window, you can check out the name, path, and size of each file. If you change your mind about a selected item or all of them, you can remove them from the list with the deletion options from the Edit menu.

Alternate EXE Packer For Windows 10 Download

Download Alternate EXE Packer serials – An application that can pack and unpack EXE files, using a handful of available compression levels to better optimize the used disk space Compress executable files (type EXE) or DLL-files An application that can pack and unpack EXE files, using a handful of available compression levels to better optimize the used disk space This program is able to compress executable files (type EXE) or DLL-files. Already compressed files may also be decompressed with this program. There exist 12 different levels for file-compression. The program is also able to create backups of the files that shall be compressed.

System Requirements for Alternate EXE Packer:

What’s new in Alternate EXE Packer?

Internal corrections
UPX updated to 3.96
Installation updated
Installation updated: UnInstCleanup V1.520
Language corrections
Polish translation added by Fresta
Greek updated by geogeo
Italian updated
Hungarian updated by LaMoLa, many thanks 🙂
Options dialog extended
Hungarian updated by LaMoLa
Bugfix for window position
Info dialog updated

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  1. Most of the fonts to replace the standard clock are quite juvenile, the program has become very buggy; freezing completely particularly when an alarm is due (it seems). There is no support forum, only support via e-mail (e.g. uninstall – reinstall)

  2. Computer went through what appeared to be a “dead” mode. Walked away until it came back to life–but with the Pro PCCleaner nuisance deleted for good. So give your computer time to do the removal task.

  3. Very practical and industry level coding. And this comment box is the only way for us to thank to Neal.

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