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Alfa Folder Locker license Key

Download Alfa Folder Locker 1.0 registration keys – You can easily and efficiently secure your folder against open, copy, move and delete actions with this simple software solution If you happen to need limit access to any of your folders, Alfa Folder Locker 1.0 Full Version portable is a simple, free, and effective solution that secures with a password any folder and its subfolders in a snap. This will prevent unwanted hands from opening, moving, copying, and deleting your most sensitive documents. The program’s interface is as simple and straightforward as the functionality it provides. Its design, however, could be easily improved – the three different screens it provides are so similar that it is sometimes difficult to understand where you are in the program.

Alfa Folder Locker full version setup

The application is quite simple, all you have to do is browse for the target folder and add it to the main window. The next step consists of entering your chosen password twice, in order to make sure you typed it in correctly. The last move is to press the 'Lock' button, and your folder is now protected against any outside access. This way, no files inside that directory can be opened, copied, moved or deleted. An interesting feature is the fact that the application does not use a master password, allowing you to lock (and unlock) each folder using a different character combination every time. This means that if someone finds out the password you used on one item, they will still not have access to all the other directories you encrypted with this utility.

Moreover, Alfa Folder Locker 1.0 key automatically integrates into your Windows context menu, so when you want to quickly lock a sensitive directory, you can just right-click and select the 'Lock / Unlock This Folder' option, providing you with quick data protection. Alfa Folder Locker with keygen is a useful and reliable tool that can prove of great help in trying to prevent unwanted access to your files and folders. You can use it successfully with any directory you want, as it works regardless of your user privileges. Locks files and folders with a password


  • Dull interface
  • Integrates with Windows context menu
  • Straightforward functionality
  • Simple and clear interface
  • Folders are not self-unlockable – the app does need to be installed on any computer where you will use the folders. If you are protecting folders on a flash drive then be sure to copy the installation file AlphaFolderLock.exe onto the flash drive also, so you can install it on any computer you plug into. If you have computers with different operating systems then maybe you will need different versions of the app, but I’m not sure about that.
Alfa Folder Locker full version setup

The locking process is very simple – locate the folder or subfolder you want to lock, type a password of your choice to protect it, and lock it. The unlocking process is as simple as the aforementioned one – select the protected folder or subfolder and type in the password you used to lock it. The program’s functionality integrates with Windows context menu, so that all you have to do to lock or unlock a folder is right-clicking on it. You can lock an unlimited number of folders using this tool and use either the same password for all of them or a different password each time. Locked folders remain locked forever, even if you upgrade your Windows OS to a newer version, so I advise you not to forget your passwords.

System Requirements for Alfa Folder Locker:

  • Author Alfa programs
  • Last version 1.0

I transferred some data into Alpha Folder which is already locked, but now I can’t get my data. Can you help me?

I would suggest you go under the “start” bar and look up what ever you called that information. It may not be all of it, but once I lost my 35 page story, and when I looked it up under “start,” most of it was there.

According to the description of the application, you have no possibility to use the software if your Windows has been re-installed or if the operating system has been crashed. Download a new version of the product from the official website and then use it again to unlock the data from your folders.

I used Folder Locker to lock a folder. After unlocking, files have completely disappeared. They do not show up. Is there anything I can do to get the files back?

If the files disappeared, then you can use a recovery solution. For example, you can install Recuva to identify the files that have been deleted.
Download and install the application using the link below and then use the built-in Wizard to specify the search parameters. If you don’t know the file types, select All and tick the Deep Scan. It will increase the scanning time, but the accuracy also increases.

It shows that the folder is empty. And it shows the folder size of its contents and while scanning with antivirus it shows all the files. I need a way to fix it. Thank you!

The application does not provide a way to recover the password if you have lost it. The password is not saved in a plain text file and it’s encrypted in another hidden file inside the folder. I am afraid that if you have lost the password, all your content is gone.

can use 7-zip file manager with enable see the hidden files, browse to that locked folder and go into that hidden folder inside, your files can see at there. then use move/copy on 7-zip file manager to move it out. For delete the locked folder after used, using unlocker to delete it.

thanks brother i recive my personal data
thnk u so much bro….
Brother plz guide me i have same like u plz help me if you want money i give but plz help me

Use linux os to get those file.
First open the folder which u lock by locker then open it on the linux os then you got a encrypted folder on it open it and copy your file. @Soharab Shaikh

if the issue is still unsolve, i have a way to get back your file….
hope it will work on your case too…

to get the data i use mini windows xp in hiren n try to access the folder,
next select all files that u need from the folder n cut/copy it to another place…

in my case it work..
n to delete the remain folder i use winrar to archive the file but check delete file after archive,
next delete the archive n you get back your files..

==== For users whom forgot the password of Alfa Folder Locker ====
Lets says a folder located at c:Locker was locked, you would find a hidden file called Con.alfa.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D} inside c:Locker
Open a dos command prompt:
cd c:Locker
attrib -H -S Con.alfa.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D} => Make this file visible to you
rename \.c:LockerCon.alfa.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D} alfa => Con is a system reserved keyword and you need network path to access it.
The folder is now unlocked to c:Lockeralfa

i have unfortunatily uninstall aifa folder lock and one of my folder in e drive contain some data, i can not open it, but using 7 zip i am able to see the file you have mentioned please send me your procedure in note thanks in advance
Add that locked folder to archive using winrar all files will be recovered

I had locked a folder that contained about 10G of data. Lost the entire folder – it just disappeared when I unlocked it using the regular password. Can find it anywhere and I tried recovery tools like Recuva – just no trace of the folder. Any ideas/suggestions?

This is a very sad thing to happen, because the developers don’t even exist anymore. Their website redirects to another website that have ads, therefore not relevant. I do recommend you use Recuva once again but this time make sure to tick the Deep Scan and also select the folder or path where it has been stored.
I’ve searched the web with hope to find a solution to this problem, but it appears there isn’t one. There were other users who encountered the same issue, but not solution was found as well.

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  2. I locked my files but now all information inside it has been deleted. How can I recover it?

  3. The only thing I have found recently is during dl and umpack there seemed to be missing files, what i did with this was dl the game from else where and put the server name into the top box, this works a treat :-), I got it from eAccleration but dont forget to use in the server box.

  4. It looks like they took a few old favorites and packaged them in a bunch of adware so that they can track your surfing. You can’t even play it without doing a bunch of silly stuff. These people should be ashamed of themselves for ruining such great old games, with a bunch of ripoff trash that just slows your computer down.

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