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In case you want to write down some notes, you can open a special tab and type them. The texts are saved automatically and you can review them anytime for the same place. Another useful feature of this tool is the ability to keep offline messages inside another tab, where details like the sender and recipient names, the message ID and read state can be viewed.

Customizable chat utility for any user

To sum things up, AChat 0.150 Beta 7 free download can be considered a program for everyone since it is very easy to use and also provides a plethora of configurations for advanced users. Also, the nice GUI and extra functions make it one of the best choices in its category.

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The layout is similar to that of other software solutions and the functions are placed almost in the same manner. The text box, where you write the messages, as well as the friends list are extendable, to the detriment of the main chat window that becomes smaller if you choose to allocate more space to those two areas.

Simple yet effective functions for exchanging messages and files

AChat 0 Full Version portable has the ability to convey not only the written word, but also any documents, images, music or video files you might want to share with your peers. There is even a dedicated module where all the file transfers are displayed, so you can manage those items.

A very easy to use instant messaging application that was especially designed to be used on a local network, among connected peers Download AChat with serial keys – A very easy to use instant messaging application that was especially designed to be used on a local network, among connected peers AChat serial keys can be used to chat with computers in your local area network (LAN). It also provides features such as sharing folders, sending files, and sharing photos through chat window. You can even send messages to users who are currently offline. This program has full Unicode support.


  • There aren’n emoticons.
  • It’s free, lightweight, verry fast, and don’t need server
AChat free download

Staying in touch with friends and colleagues is very easy to do, especially if they are on the same LAN (Local Area Network). All you need is a simple messenger and you can start a conversation in no time and one of the possible choices can be AChat 0 For Windows Download , a utility which was created exactly for this purpose.

Communicate through a friendly interface

The installation procedure runs pretty smoothly and in a few minutes you should have the program ready for chatting. If you used this kind of applications before, you will surely find the main window quite familiar.

System Requirements for AChat:

What’s new in AChat?

Fixed: tray icon status when network connection is lost
Fixed: transferring files larger than 2GB
Fixed: issues with multiple network interfaces and subnet broadcasting
Fixed: last shared file always missing
Fixed: double clicking on TntRichEditURL component
Changed: reworked file transfer, cause incompatibility with older versions
Changed: added limit on lines in channels to save system resources
Changed: receipients of question message can now be specified
Changed: multiple files selectable in Seatch tab
Changed: changes in image sending, cause incompatibility with older versions
Added: drawing on images being sent
Added: file transfer now resumes broken downloads

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